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Canada has produced pure 99.99% fine Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins since 1979. All have a picture of the queen on the obverse and a Maple Leaf design on the reverse. Following the success of the Maple Leaf Gold bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint began producing a one-ounce Silver Maple Leaf coin in 1988. As with the gold, the silver maples are struck in fine silver with a purity of 99.99%.


Chinese Panda gold and silver coins have become one of the most popular series of coins in the world for both collectors and investors. The Panda coin is one of China's most important coin programs each year. The series began in 1982, and has changed the obverse Panda design every year except 2002. As an unique rare animal in the world, the Chinese people regard the giant panda as a national treasure. The reverse design features the Temple of Heaven Shrine in Beijing along with the year of minting. The China Mint produces the Panda coins in both .999 fine silver and gold.


The Isle of Man Government has issued a Crown depicting a different cat every year since 1988. This Manx Cat series has become one of the most popular series in the world for both cat lovers and coin collectors. As legal tender, every coin has an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, while the reverse displays a detailed relief of the featured feline for that year. The Isle of Man Cat coins are available in .999 fine silver and .9999 fine gold. Be sure to check our listing for recent issues of this enchanting series, in both gold and silver.


The Libertad is Mexico's bullion coin and is minted at Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest Mint in North America, established in 1536. These beautiful pieces of art depict two of the most recognized Mexican symbols, the Independence Angel, who is the main historic monument for the Mexican people (also considered the symbol of Mexico City) and the twin Mexican volcanoes in the background. Commonly referred to as the “Lovers’ Peaks”, the two volcanoes are actually named Iztaccihuatl, whose name in nahuatl means white woman, and Popocatepetl, which means steamer hill. On the reverse in the center is the national seal of Mexico, surrounded by previous seals used during Mexico's history, and the eagle that is in the center of the front page of the Mendocino Codex. These beautiful Libertads are available in both .999 fine silver and gold, in a variety of sizes. Be sure to check our listings for the range of Libertads available from PocketChange Numismatics.


Every year, we all encounter many occasions that call for that unique, perfect gift. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, welcoming a beautiful new child, celebrating a Holiday or simply marking a special occasion, giving a gift of a coin or coin set makes it clear that this is a day to remember. Coins make great gifts because they are beautifully executed works of art, showing many classical designs and contemporary visions. Since most coins bear a year-date, they are an excellent way to capture a moment in time, such as a birth date, anniversary, other any special occasion worth remembering. Here are some wonderful gift ideas that will help you mark that special date.







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